Five Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy Essay in English


Five Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy Essay in English

Five Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy Essay in English

Hint: 8 I. Introduction. 2. Various uses of atomic energy–(i) For power generation. (ii) In the field of agriculture. (iii) In the field of industry. (iv) In the field of transport. (v) In the medical “dd. 3. Conclusion.

l. Intmduetlon–Five Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy. The discovery of atomic energy is an important achievement of the modern world. Atomic energy has given great power in the hands of a human. It can be used for constructive as also for destructive purposes for mankind. It will prove a great boon if this used for peaceful purposes.

2. Various uses of atomic energy- For Power generation atomic energy is used for power generation and this power may be used for various purposes. England has used it for domestic purpose. America has used it as fuel in ships and submarines space suttle. Russia has also set up a number of atomic electric centres for electricity. Then are such three stations in our county too.

(ii) In the Held of agriculture-Atomic energy will bring about a great revolution in the field of agriculture. The power of atomic energy can change deserts and mountains into fertile fields.

(iii) In the field of industry-The days are not far when atomic energy will bring about a change in the field of industry. The help of atomic energy, We will be producing electricity at a cheaper rate in future. It will run our factories and mills. The use of atomic energy will reduce the cost of production of electricity.

(iv) In the field of transport-Atomic energy can be used in the field of transport. It will drive ships, aeroplanes, trains, buses and cars, in future. It will be a substitute for petrol, coal and electricity. This will make transport cheaper. quicker and more comfortable.

(v) In the medical field-The use of atomic energy is a blessing in the medical field. It has greatly advanced medical science. It has made possible to cure fatal diseases hitherto considered incurable. Today Radium rays are used for treating Cancer. in the same’way, atomic rays will be used to relieve pain and suffering of mankind. ‘

3. Conclusion- We can see, Five Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy. The atomic energy should be used for bringing peace and prosperity for mankind. It can be a good servant. but it is a bad master. Its use for destructive purposes must be banned. The world knows how Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed by two atom bombs in 1945. In short. the atomic energy. if used for peaceful work, will place marvellous power in the hands of man.

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