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20 Least Favorite Uses of Electricity Essays


20 Least Favorite Uses of Electricity Essays

20 Least Favorite Uses of Electricity Essays
20 Least Favorite Uses of Electricity Essays
IntroductionLeast Favorite Uses of Electricity – Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. We cannot think of life without electricity too. In every field of life, electricity has become necessary. It is our daily life. Electricity use in many ways. It gives some of its common uses below to show its importance and inevitability in our daily life.
Light and breeze and heat-Kerosene oil, lanterns and gas lamps have been replaced by electric lights. By the mere switching of the button in a powerhouse, there is a day-like light in whole cities and towns and villages and there come cool breeze from the ceiling fans and table fans. It runs our refrigerators which keep our food fresh and give as ice. In summer electricity keeps our rooms cool While in winter it makes them warm.

Uses of Electricity in transport– Electricity also uses in transport. In big cities like Mumbai and Kolkata trains are not run by coal but electricity. Slow running buses are being replaced by local trains which are run by electricity. Thus speed in transport is increased greatly. Uses of Electricity in Communication With the help of the telephone we can now talk to people of great distance from us. The telegraph helps us in sending messages to the most distant parts of our country and to other countries in no time. Electricity has given us fast means of ‘ communication.
Uses of Electricity in Industries-Our increased daily consumption of goods has been possible only because of electricity. Big and heavy machines have not only increased the’ production of goods but also made it cheap. But this increased and cheap production is possible because electricity runs the machines. It uses electric power even in some small-scale and cottage industries such as flour mills and sawmills. Thus the growth of industries is greatly helped by electric power. 20 Least Favorite Uses of Electricity Essays

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