Short Paragraph for CBSE or board exams for claas 10th or 12th

Short Paragraph for CBSE or board exams for no smoke without fire

Short Paragraph There is no smoke without fire
Short Paragraph for CBSE or board exams

Write a short Paragraph for CBSE or board and other exams. English paragraph writing topics for class 10, 11, and 12th. Here we are writing some following topics. Games and sports, The fools of yesterday are wise men of today, Grow More Trees, Dream School, celebrating cleanliness week, Science Magazine, Computer of the future, An accident


Short Paragraph for CBSE or bord exams- There is no smoke without fire-To every action, there is a reaction. It is a scientific truth which holds true in all the aspects of life. Every thought, action or deed leads to some consequences which may be good or bad. When a person’s image or reputation comes under a cloud, he may claim innocence and deny having indulged in any excesses to deserve it. But if he allows himself to seriously look into it, he’ll certainly find that he owes it to some careless act. We all have to pay a price for our actions. All quarrels and disputes have their origin in some misunderstanding. A woman is likely to doubt the integrity of her husband if she sees him with another woman. Even the law believes, that there is a motive ‘ behind every crime, though it confines itself to proving ‘ a man guilty or innocent on the basis of the evidence presented in the court. Therefore, no one can escape the consequences of its actions. Whatever one does is bound to cause a chain reaction. Hence, the statement is quite logical.

 “No substitute for learning by doing”

Life is a continuous learning process. We learn by observation, imitation, direct teaching, guidance, and firsthand experience. It has been scientifically proved that personal experiences create the most lasting impressions in life. We acquire skill in any work only after practising and doing it by ourselves. A medical student, who spends nearly a decade in medical school, does not learn so much about his chosen field at school as he does on the job in probably a year. Mere academic knowledge is not enough to make a success of one’s job. Keenness to learn at’ every step in life, from any small event or experience is a necessary requisite for success in life. Undoubtedly, one learns through observation and others’ experiences, but there is certainly no substitute for learning by doing, something oneself. It stimulates the mind, arouses interest and provides a tremendous sense of achievement. Hence,‘ children should be encouraged to explore, investigate and handle everything that arouses their curiosity. They will learn and retain more by doing things themselves.

Short Paragraph for CBSE or board exams”The fools of yesterday are wise men of today” Man generally resists change. He clings to old values, traditions, ideas as they give him a sense of security. He looks with suspicion on any new idea, suggestion or concept because of his feeling of insecurity. No wonder great philosophers, reformers, scientists and artists were rejected by their own generation only to be resurrected from oblivion by the succeeding generations. Thus, Socrates, who was condemned by his countrymen, is regarded as the greatest philosopher of the world today, thanks to his devoted disciple, Plato. Jesus, who was crucified for his message of universal love and brotherhood, is revered by a large population of the world. It is only posterity which has realized the worth of their ideas and restored them to their rightful place in the annals of history to inspire mankind. Therefore, men who
Were ridiculed in their own times, are the mentors of today.

Que. With the help of the words given below, build up a composition on’Grow more
(i) Importance of trees ‘ (ii) Services that trees provide (iii) Different kinds of trees (iv) Usefulness to animals (v) Need to planting trees   Ans. Grow More Tree


 Grow More Trees

Trees are very important to us. They are the precious gift of nature to man. They provide us with the most essential gas oxygen which we breathe in and without which life is impossible. Therefore, they are also called the ‘lungs of the world’. Trees provide us with fruits to eat, firewood to burn, timber for making furniture and houses etc. There are different kinds of trees like small trees, tall trees, bushes, shrubs etc. Trees provide various types of ‘ medicines and help to check soil erosion. Trees provide shelter to millions of birds and wild animals. The leaves and fruits are the sources of food for various animals. Many insects also depend on trees for their lives. Trees are our natural wealth and very essential for the survival of living beings. Therefore, we all should make our mind to plant more and more trees and pledge to stop any further cutting of trees.

Que. Write a composition on your ‘Dream School’ with the help of the given clues :(i) Building, (ii) TeachingStaff  (iii) Playground (iv) Laboratory (Sciencecomputer) (v) Extra-curricular activities (v1) Multi-media Room

Short Paragraph for CBSE or board exams Dream School

I have been dreaming of a school which may be considered an excellent example of schooling. My school will have a big building with proper‘ventilation and fine furniture. There will be well-qualified teachers with co-operative behaviour. We will have a big playground ‘ in our school to play various games like basketball, volleyball, football, cricket etc. There will be a well-equipped laboratory for doing practicals related to science. We will have a big air-conditioned computer lab with a good number of computers. All the students in the school will be given computer training. Extra-curricular activities like horse riding, skating, painting, dancing, singing etc. will be a part of the curriculum. In the school, there will be a separate multi-media room in which students will learn and see graphics, cartoon films, animations etc. It will an ideal school with obedient students and well-qualified teachers.

Que. Your school has recently celebrated ‘Cleanliness Week’ organizing a number of interclass competitions and awarded the prizes. As the secretary of the Students Council of your school, prepare a report to be published 1n your school magazine in about 120 words. 

Celebrating cleanliness week 

Our school has been celebrating cleanliness week since 23rd Aug. 2019. In this cleanliness week, special attention has been paid towards toilets, classrooms, verandas, water tank etc. A number of interclass competitions like poster making, slogan writing on . the topic Swachh Bharat Abhiyan were also organised and the winners were awarded the prizes. The main purpose of celebrating this week was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits. On the last day, all the students, teachers . and the other members of the school took the oath of keeping our school, home, locality and city clean. It was a unique experience for all students.

Que. You are Akshat/Divya. Write a short paragraph/article for your school’s science magazine. You may use the idea from the verbal given below =-(M.P. 2011 Suppl.)(i) Unhygienic junk food (ii) Pesticides in plantation (iii) Chemicals in cos_metics (iv) Toxins in soft-drinks (v) Artificial methods to ripen fruits and promote yield/produce from fields.

School’s Science Magazine 

Science has brought both good and evil to the present world. No invention is itself had or good, it is the user who turns it into blessings or curse. Our health is influenced by what we eat, what we use and the environment in which we survive. The. the trend of having junk food has increased many times in comparison to before, even when the people are aware of the fact that it is very unhygienic. The use of insecticides and pesticides in agriculture has also increased to promote the growth but their excessive use is not good fol. health. The use of cosmetic items has tremendously increased in recent years. But the chemicals used in cosmetics are very harmful to health. In soft-drinks toxins are used .which are not good for health and make the body addict to it. The artificial methods used to ripen fruits and vegetables in the odd season and to promote their yield are also Very harmful. instead of making any good for our body they negatively affect the body.

Que. Games and sports are not only meant for entertainment but useful incomplete personality development. They also help a person to live a fit life. Write a composition to highlight ‘importance of games and Sports’

                Importance of Games and Sports Games and sports 

Importance of Games and Sports Games and sports are an important means of recreation. “All work and no play makes Jakes a dull boy” is a well-known proverb. After their studies during the day students require some rest and recreation in the evening. Games and sports are most suitable for them. They fresh them and enable them to regain their lost energy. Then they can work harder and with a greater interest in the night. They are also very useful from the point of view of health. They take students into the company of nature where they breathe fresh and pure air. T hey have to run and jump a lot. The physical activity is very useful for digestion. In this way, games and sports not only refresh their mind but they also improve digestion, fill the lungs with pure air and make the students more active and healthy. It is, therefore, clear that games and sports are not only meant for entertainment but useful incomplete personality development. They also help a person to live a fit life. They also teach students the importance of team wOrk, While playing, every player is the member of a team and he has to play not for his own good but for the whole team. Thus he learns to cooperate with others for the common good.

Que. An election was held and you went to cast your vote. Using the following inputs, describe what you saw at the booth. (i) Queue of voters (ii) Polling officers, presiding officers and polling agents (iii) Indelible ink (iv) Polling box (v) Voting machine

An Election Scene,Short Paragraph for CBSE or board exams

Ans. An Election Scene, The camps of different candidates were erected around the polling booth. The voting started in the morning. Voters were coming in a large number. They all were standing in 3 queue and were casting their vote one by one. The polling officers and polling agents were sitting on their respective seats inside the polling booth. First, they were confirming the name, then they were seeing the voter card and after that, they were marking with the indelible ink’ on the finger. There was an electronic voting machine. Voters were asked to press a button in front of the symbol of their candidate. The whole process was going 0n very peacefully without any noise under the supervision of the presiding officer.


Que. With the help of the hints given below, produce a write up on ‘An Accident. (i) , Time. (ii) Bus toilsäudents (iii) Death and injury  (iv) Firs aid (v) Doctors and other people (vi) Damage the bus

                               An Accident

Ans. an accident Gwalior, April ll Yesterday, in the afternoon a bus was coming back from the school. It was full of students. The bus was running at a normal speed. Suddenly a cyclist appeared before the bus. The bus driver took a sharp turn to save him. In doing so,” he lost control ‘ over the bus. The bus dashed against a tree. The front part of the bus was totally smashed. The driver got serious injury after some time he had died. The students who were occupying front seats were seriously injured, other students got minor injuries There were a great hue and cry. The bus driver phoned with his mobile 1n the school about the accident. Shortly another bus and few teachers arrived. The injured students were taken to the hospital for first aid.

Que. With the help of the following Pie Graph chart, write an article on the computers of the future. 4. HCL Compaque ‘ BPL, Toshiba Ans. Computers of the Future

 The computer of the future

Today’s world has been computerised. In every field computers are used, it makes our work easy and comfortable. With the help of a computer, work which is done in hours can be completed in seconds. In a fast-moving world, we want our work to be done fast and efficiently too. Various companies are in competition to make sophisticated technology so that it will become more user-friendly like HCL, BPL, Toshiba, Compaq etc. It is estimated that for the future HCL will lead by 45° o, followed by Compaque 25° 0 and BPL and Toshiba 15%. Thus, we have noticed that generation-y prefers HCL to BPL, Toshiba and Compaq and will lead in the future also and holds the position of the future computer by giving more features like core I-3 processor and dual-core processor.

Above we have given some short Paragraph for CBSE and other board Exams. It will help you in Exam. Write a short Paragraph for CBSE or board and other exams. English paragraph writing topics for class 10, 11, and 12th. Here we are writing some following topics. Games and sports, The fools of yesterday are wise men of today, Grow More Trees, Dream School, celebrating cleanliness week, Science Magazine, Computer of the future, An accident


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