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11 January

five basic elements of a paragraph

  Paragraph writing   Five basic elements of a paragraph   Five basic elements of a paragraph– and How to write a good composition or paragraph? This question comes to our mind because writing a good paragraph is art. For good composition writing, we have to follow some rules. Writing creative writing with rules is […]

23 February

paragraph writing exercise the well classes

Secrets paragraph writing exercise What is a paragraph?We shall explain here in paragraph writing exercise.The paragraph is groups of words which we use on a topic relating to one subject. It can become about 100 to 200 words on a subject. Its language should focus a particular subject. A nice paragraph in which we expansion […]

14 July

Blood donation camp organised Report writing

 Blood donation camp organised   Blood Donati You are (XYZ) of Maharana College, Gwalior. Your school has recently organised a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Now write a report as an editor for your local magazine on this widely acclaimed activity    Blood donation camp organised –Maharana College, Gwalior, […]

20 April

Report writing examples for class 12

  Report writing examples for class 12   Report Writing   Report writing examples for class 12 › Report Writing Format Here are the main sections of the standard report writing format: Title Section – If the report is short, the front cover can include any information that you feel is necessary including the author(s) […]

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