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31 December

india minority religious essay in english

india minority religious essay in English india minority religious essay in english   India minority religious essay in English- People of all religions reside in India. There are many ethnic minorities, such as Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and other ethnic minorities. All minorities and majority castes have equal right in the constitution here. Minority Absence or […]

30 December

Essay on Environmental Problems, Causes, and Solutions

Essay on Environmental Problems,  Causes, and Solutions Water pollution Write an essay on environmental problems, causes, and solutions – Pollution is the cause of every human problem. Environment pollution is due to the defects produced in natural equilibrium due to the penetration of pollutants in the environment. It means pollution which has adverse effects on […]

29 December

noun definition and examples and types

noun definition and examples and types noun definition and examples and types in English Noun definition and examples-Whatever the stuff in the world. They are all nouns, whether it is human, animal, birds, or non-living things, house, place, and abstract noun list air, anger, etc. Nouns list are the following here- There are all types […]

29 December

What are the conjunction words? Learn easily step by step

  THE CONJUNCTION What are the conjunction words? What are the conjunction words? -A conjunction (it called a connective) is a word such as and, because, but, for, if, or, and when. Conjunctions are used to connect phrases, clauses, and sentences. When we learn other languages we should pay attention to very small things of language? […]

29 December

increasing population in India essay in English

Increasing population in India essay in English  increasing population in India  The human impact of population growth- The level of the population of India that is growing nowadays has increased the risk of population explosion. Population growth has a profound impact on human life. Due to the impact of the rising global population, there is […]

27 December

Short Note of Mahadevi Varma Ji

Short Note of Mahadevi Varma Ji Published by- The Well English Classes Short Biography of Mahadevi Varma Ji Mahadevi Varma Ji is known for his Hindi poems, memoir, drawing and essay. Mahadevi Verma was also a social reformer along with a skilled poet. They took several revolutionary steps to seize women and get them their […]

12 December

Munshi Premchand essay in english

Munshi Premchand essay in English   Munshi Premchand  Almost all readers of short stories and novels have read the writings of Premchand. He has written many his short stories in other languages. Films and television serials have also been made in his novels and short stories. His works are very well known in even Japan […]

25 November

Short biography of Bhagat singh in 200 words English

Bhagat Singh Bhagat Singh biography  Name: Shaheed Bhagat Singh Birth: September 27, 077 Death: 23 March 1931 Lahore Father: Sardar Kishan Singh Sindhu Mother: Mrs. Vidyawati Ji Sister-in-law: Ranvir, Kultar, Rajinder, Kulbir, Jagat, Parkash Kaur, Amar Kaur, Shakuntala Kaur Uncle: Mr. Ajit Singh Ji Bhagat Singh was born on September 27, 1907 at Banga in […]

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