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02 October


Complaint letter format to district collector in English  I provide here to sample complaints and the format of letters in English.  Here you learn, How to write complaint letters to the District Collector about the Lack of facilities of Govt. Hospital, Increase Malaria cases, and bus fare, etc. You learn here some sample letter format […]

26 September

Teachers day essay 550 words for class 10,12th

Teachers day essay 550 words for class 10,12th

Teachers Day Essay Teachers Day Essay Here, I am writing an essay on Teacher’s Day keeping in mind the need for school and college students. This teachers day ceremony essay is written in simple English. This essay is written by your teacher with a pledge to become an ideal student and citizen according to the […]

12 September

Essay or pragraph on road accident 250 words

What is the sentence for leaving the scene of an accident?  The scene of an accident Read before Readin Essay or Paragraph the Road accident Essay or paragraph on a road accident -A long and short essay or paragraph about 200, 300, 400, and 500 words on the scene of a road accident. Article Accidents are […]

27 August

Chitrakoot tourism essay in English

Chitrakoot tourism essay in English Chitrakoot tourism essay in English Jalprapat   Chitrakoot is a pilgrim place. It is the hill of many wonders and nestles in the northern spurs of the Vindhyas. It place is very peaceful and beautiful. Chitrakoot is a place of tranquil forest glades and quiet rivers, and streams where calm […]

06 August

Scientific temper of modern world essay 500 words

Essay on The scientific temper in the present-day world The scientific temper began recognizably to come into evidence during the Renaissance in Europe. Michael Angelo and Leonardo da Vinci were the masterminds of the Renaissance, most remarkably endowed with the scientific temper. In English history, the scientific age synchronizes with the period of the Renaissance […]

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