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26 January

freedom fighters Rani Lakshmi manikarnika Bai Short Note

Introduction of Rani Laxmi (manikarnika) Bai Rani Lakshmi Bai (manikarnika) freedom fighters Rani Lakshmi Bai (manikarnika) was the queen of Maratha ruled Jhansi kingdom. She was one of the heroes of the first Indian independence struggle in 1857 against the British rule. He was a brave warrior who, at the age of 23, fought against […]

25 January

complex sentence definition and examples

Finite verb – A finite verb is a verb from the express tense and moodफिनिट वर्ब  वह क्रिया होती है जो किसी काल व अवस्था  का संकेत करती है यह सब्जेक्ट से एग्री होती हैNon finite verb – non finite verb forms  do not  Express and moodनॉन साइनाइट पर किसी कालबा अवस्था को नहीं दर्शाती है इसका […]

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