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24 August

visit to a circus essay for class 12th

A VISIT T0 A CIRCUS SHOWS visit to a circus essay for class 12th Visit to a circus essay –The circus is an important means of entertainment in today’s era. Especially for children, entertainment is a healthy way. In the Dussehra holidays, a huge circus came to our city. Whose name was Gemini Circus?. It […]

18 August

communal harmony in india essay

COMMUNAL HARMONY IN INDIA Introduction -India is a secular State. Secular means non-religious, but in Indian polity, it means the Co-existence of all religions with no kind of discrimination. Though our constitution safeguards for the minorities, the actual implementations of the provisions are complex. I generally know Indian people for their non-violence, tolerance, brotherhood characters, […]

13 August

About Us

About Us ManyGrammar website – on the Internet.These are very good, And they have been explained very well. But by keeping in mind the students who have to not know to read the English Grammar in English, I have written this grammar. As a teacher, I see many students, who have faced this problem each […]

12 August

many topics paragraph writing in english

 paragraph writing  on   Beggars cannot be choosers A person who begs has no right to grumble about I give what to him. However, that does not mean that the giver may give anything even if it is harmful or useless. If begging is a crime, then giving something that may prove harmful is no less a […]

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