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26 February

environmental awareness and protection

environmental awareness and protection Need for Environmental ConsciousnessHonourable Chief Guest, Principal, Dear teachers and my dear friends, I am here to speak on the need for environmental awareness. Environmental pollution is one of the major hazards that are threatening the ecological balance. The problem of pollution has become very serious today. A man has interfered […]

25 February

a scene of local market around us

a scene of a local market around us this Image has taken from A scene of the local market around us: we are providing a paragraph on the topic of  Local Market Scene for the students of CBSE and other classes. These are unique and easy to understand. Every Sunday my mother and I go to the local […]

23 February

paragraph writing exercise the well classes

Secrets paragraph writing exercise What is a paragraph?We shall explain here in paragraph writing exercise.The paragraph is groups of words which we use on a topic relating to one subject. It can become about 100 to 200 words on a subject. Its language should focus a particular subject. A nice paragraph in which we expansion […]

22 February

recommendation letter for bank account opening

recommendation letter for bank account opening Reference letter for bank account opening doc Reference letter for bank account opening doc-Here we will learn how to write a letter to open a new account in a bank. Writing a letter of interest is an art and nowadays, a question is asked about writing letters in almost […]

22 February

sample business proposal letter for services

Sample business proposal letter for services sample business proposal letter for services Business proposal letters are general much more formal in style compared to informal letters Business letters of Business Letters are many kinds letter for discount in price, sample business proposal letter for services, order letter sample, contoh business letter, sample letter for purchase order […]

17 February

holi festival essay in english 400 words

Holi festival essay in English 400 words holy festival essay in English difference between informal and formal complaint letters Holi is a colour festival.We should celebrate Holi with the colour of love. Holi colours, Holi party, colour festival, Holi festival information 1.Introduction: Many festivals are celebrated India. Holi festival one of them. Holi is a […]

15 February

active and passive voice practice test

active and passive voice practice test passive voice definition with examplesA significant part of the active Voice language is active inactive When the subject is given priority sentence in the subject case. these sentences are called Active voice. And when you are given priority to Object, then these sentences are called Passive voice.John does this […]

14 February

short speech on modern gadgets

 speech debate in favour of electronic modem gadgets writes a speech for inter-school debate, your subject to speak in favour of the ‘ motion ’Modem Gadgets.Write the speech that machines have made a man into Slaves. write a speech in favour of this motion. Write the speechin your answer sheet is not more than 100 […]

14 February

Guess paper of 10th mp board english medium

Special English class 10th MP board Guess Paper here Text Book Let us assume if you find the Guess paper of class10th English medium of MP Board. MP Board Class 10 students have to study either English Special or English General. Students Check the guess paper, the blueprint of Class 10 English (Special and General) […]

11 February

short Essay My Teachers Can Help you make the Future

why teacher professional development is important 1.Introduction: 5th September Teacher’s day celebrated in our school with magnanimity. The teacher is the maker of the nation‘s destiny. Some basic qualities make an ideal teacher. He is fearless, earnest sincere. These qualities earn his devotion and admiration. His erect, healthy body and always smiling face become the center of attraction. The teacher is a storehouse of […]

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